Wholistic Counselling Testimonials

The Wholistic Counseling and Blueprint Healing session I had with Celia brought a deep understanding of the problems I faced in my life. I thought miracles were for only a handful of people, but now I know that miracles are there and available for everyone! I am a new person, in and out, and life just gets better!
Celia’s profound teachings bring healing and relief where traditional medicine and psychology may never work. The techniques reach all the way to the core, unveiling parts of yourself that you may never have been aware of, while being filled with unconditional love and understanding.

Stephanie Bergeron, welfare worker and massage therapist. CANADA

I can personally highly recommend Celia and the work she does which over many years now has facilitated my growth, understanding and development- having seen me through some tough times and inspired me to be my best at all times

Sarah Korzeba – Physiotherapist / Yoga Teacher

Dear Celia
Parapsychology is an insightful and powerful way of understanding where I am today and how the past has impacted on present relationships and events.
The healing then clears the way for a more positive future Thank you Celia for making a difference.     Kay Michaels – Healing Touch Practitioner Cairn

“Since discovering Celia and her unique coaching talents, I have found life much easier to cope with. During the first session I felt an enormous weight lift off my shoulders. Positive thoughts now replace uncontrollable bouts of anger and my troubled childhood no longer haunts me.”       P Neve Community Health Services

My life has changed considerably since the coaching sessions with Celia. I am motivated beyond belief and I have learnt to tap into an untouched potential within my own being. The result being truly empowering.    Cadbury’s Dairy Farmer

Celia’s non-judgmental, intuitive nature also means there is nowhere to hide when she ‘gently’ prods and pokes at the wounds of this life. She is able to effect change within people through her disarming manner and acute sense of humor.

Brett Torossi : Property Developer

7“Thing is, I felt better immediately, as I had requested the healing because of the stressful nature of my workload at the time. A little like having my car tuned and serviced – everything was humming and assimilating to a more relaxed rhythm.”

Ronnie Burns Australian Entertainer

“My recent healing with Celia Fuller was a profound experience. In the weeks following the counselling and healing session I felt greater clarity both mentally and emotionally. There was a definite increase in vitality and a deep sense of wellbeing. I fully recommend Celia’s healing abilities and intuitive consultation.”

Maggie Burns Choreographer and Dancer

Hi Celia,

The work you do is fantastic, I remember the healing you did for me years ago and the way I felt after it. You should never under estimate what you do.

I was talking to my sister after I sent the email to you and she said she is grateful for you what you have given her. Just talking to her I can tell she is so much happier than she has been for years, it is like we have got back the sister I first met 30+ years ago.

Helen N

Mastery Of The Self

Course Testimonials

“The Mastery of the Self Course was a fantastic and deep journey through knowledge and experience. Definitely the most rewarding experience of my life! Thanks again Celia for that unforgettable journey through understanding and through developing my inner powers. Thanks for sharing all this knowledge with me and helping me finding my true self. I’ll be forever grateful.”

Stephanie Bergeron, Welfare worker CANADA

“This course has guided me in a safe way to navigate and understand how the Universe works and given me the necessary life skills to grow,heal and guide myself and others. Sincere Gratitude to Celia”     Robyn Beamish – Healer and Colour Therapist

Thank you Celia for your support and sharing your knowledge in your teaching programs so useful on a daily basis and to you and Grant have a beautiful year.

Kay Michaels – Healing Touch Practitioner

“As someone who has completed level 1 and 2, I can not recommend this experience highly enough. It has given me strength through some of life’s toughest circumstances. I can’t thank you enough Celia Fuller.”  Helen Halee – Artist

“Celia’s profound teachings bring healing and relief where traditional medicine and psychology may never work. The techniques she teaches reach all the way to the core, unveiling parts of yourself that you may never have been aware of, while being filled with unconditional love and understanding”. Stephanie Bergeron, welfare worker and massage therapist.

Level 1 Parapsychology & Metaphysical Studies

Thank you thank you thank you for an incredibly enlightening journey over the weekend. We were blessed to be in your presence Celia, thank you.

Simone Lamb ??


Thank YOU Celia it was wonderful and learnt lots now to use it and put it all into practice that is the important thing. Hope you have a safe trip to Qld

I was so ready for the course and I couldn’t think of a better coach than you to have given it. Much love and light. Gaye xxxxx

Thank you for giving yourself to us for the weekend. It was truly an enlightening experience and allowed me to identify the person that I have always been but not truly acknowledged. Thank you. Safe trip home. ? Debra Littlewood?

Level 2

Hi Celia hope your well!! Thank you for your reminder for the upcoming Mastery of the Self course I’ll definitely be coming. Very much Looking forward to seeing you again. Also thank you for taking the time to teach us your knowledge…you’re one of my strongest supports and I’m grateful that I have you on this journey…it certainly has its ups and downs!!

Kelly Scanlan

Angelic Blueprint Healing 

It was amazing to actually feel the connection. Thank you so much for all you have taught me so far. Can’t wait to go further!

Helen Halee

Honoured to be a part of this awesome group. Thank you Celia for being our amazing teacher and mentor . So excited for what is yet to come ! ??

Natalie S

Mind Melding and Data Retrieval

Hi Celia, I have just done my first mind melding on a friend. I found the process felt weird at first but soon became used to it. I found my attention drawn to places that she had problems, one time I felt quite fearful of what I was going to see and didnt want to continue but she told me I should if I was going to do this sort of work, she already knew what I was going to see, so i found that interesting that i felt fearful before I had actually seen something. The whole melding took 2hrs with small breaks but I suppose as with most things the more I do the quicker it will become. The blood was interesting as I saw it as red and white dots flowing though out the body I followed it and it was running smoothly no grouping together or stagnant patches I asked if the blood was healthy and got yes. Overall I was satisfied with the whole process and will do some more though probably break it down to just checking a few things at a time. I felt quite tired mainly after I had the fearful feeling but once I disconected and cleansed myself i had my energy back. I have written three pages on my experience. Just thought I would let you know what I had done. Robyn B

6 Week Meditation Classes

And thank you very much Celia! We are all looking forward to working more with you in the future too.. Sarah Korceba 🙂