Clairvoyant Counselling and Blueprint Healing

Re-programme your Life

Before we enter life, an architectural blueprint design is created. This design dictates our physical structure, cell material and gene make-up of chosen parents. Emotional patterns and mental attitudes from former lives are brought forward and placed within our physical design in an attempt to balance outstanding karmic debts which are long overdue.

Unfortunately for the human psyche, distortions occur on the physical plane which disable many people from fulfilling their pre-set destiny. With blueprint healing your life could be transformed and you will once again walk your destined path with clarity, insight, power and invigorated health.

Celia Fuller Spiritual Healer

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Phone and Skype Consultations Available
Clairvoyant counselling and powerful distant healing

Face to Face Consultations
Available at the QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA Sunshine Coast Clinic found in Alexandra Headlands

By Phone or Skype

$3.00(Australian) per minute visa, mastercard, bankcard.
For appointments +61419551521

Skype Sessions arranged as needed

Lifestyle Coaching and Healing has been successful for

Relationship difficulties with partners, family or professional liaisons.
Business decisions and interactions
Lack of focus, memory breakdown and diminished work potential.
Physical sickness and disease.
Excessive emotional responses and behaviour
Repetitive destructive life choices and attitudes.
Sudden and alarming changes in behaviour
Grief, loss, and guilt.
Miscarriage and abortions
Depression and nervous breakdowns.
Sexual and physical abuse.
Mental health difficulties and multiple personalities
Low self esteem/self worth/self doubt.
Panic attacks, phobias and fears
Addictions and dependency.
Jealousy and sibling rivalry.
Spiritual growth and awareness
Disruptive supernatural forces

Phone & Skype Consultations Available Ph +61419551521

$3.00 a minute with additional time factored in for distant energetic healing if required.



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