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Tasmania Australia 


Wine and dine under a canopy of untouched rainforest.

Wholistic Lifestyles now provides a personalised, first class service of natural therapies, combined with luxury accommodation hidden within the wilderness of Tasmania. Hidden from personal and worldly demands, each retreat property, is surrounded by untouched bushland, dramatic scenery and native wildlife. This peaceful environment provides the perfect atmosphere for addressing major life issues and re-evaluating your personal priorities.

A unique personal stress management coaching program is used to provide intensive counselling and lifestyle support for each client. A multi skilled practitioner is assigned to the client on a one-on-one basis to guide them through this program. Through your personal coach you will have access to massage, Bowen Therapy, reflexology, meditation, eastern stretching techniques, plus intuitive counselling and healing.

No longer will you need to try and fit in multiple appointments with different practitioners. Here you have it all in one, on your doorstep, at your service, with maximum privacy. Thus allowing executives and those caught in the corporate roller coaster to relax and let someone else do the managing and decision making for a change.

The whole Tasmanian experience is wild, rugged and breath takingly inspiring.
You will want to return, again and again.

Multi skilled coaching, better than a health retreat.

Begin your life anew. Rest, relax and unwind.
Reclaim your personal power in the market place by learning effective stress management tools which will remain with you for a lifetime. Gain a better understanding of the tenuous link between health and disease by developing a greater awareness of your emotional and mental attitudes.
Learn how those attitudes prevent you from experiencing ultimate success. Celia’s powerful intuitive abilities are used to discover how your unconscious mind is undermining your day to day reality.
Healing follows. Discover how your thoughts affect your income.