Professional Speaking

Celia Fuller


Celia is an energetic and entertaining speaker who livens up any special event. She inspires people on many different levels by drawing upon over 25 years of experience as a clairvoyant counsellor and therapist offering her profound insight to help others. Inspirational speaking, events or group training, you name it and she can do it with professional finesse. She is humorous, down to earth and a lot of fun!!

Her speaking topics cover a broad range of life situations and focuses on spirituality, life as a psychic, stress, relationships, health, natural therapies, meditation, the unconscious mind, creating wealth, uncovering inner potential, personal empowerment, and parenting.

Speaking Engagements

Celia also provides unique Stress Management Programmes and Personal Coaching to the corporate sector. With all her personal coaching programmes she uses her clairvoyant abilities to fine tune and individualise sessions. It is this new and unique approach which is taking the corporate market by storm.

Celia Fuller is a well-known Australian clairvoyant, natural therapist, stress management coach and spiritual teacher. Celia is a prominent and sought after speaker within the New Age movement throughout Australia and runs her own well attended seminars, lectures and workshops on Spirituality. Celia travels extensively in her capacity as a clairvoyant counsellor and healer with clients continually booking out her Sydney, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast and Cairns clinics.

Corporate Speaker

Manage life, before life Manages you!
Understand how stress is controlling your behaviour and life motivations. Learn effective stress management techniques which will enable you to manage your life in a dynamic manner.
Men, Sex and Why Women Say No!
A serious, yet amusing look at the female mind and what makes them tick. Discover why women reject those loving, sexual advances and what you are doing wrong. Women will also gain some insight into their own behaviour and provide answers that seem to have eluded them for years.
Ladies! Men are Not Mind Readers!
A deeper look into female behavior, expectations in relationships and the difficult path we set for the men in our life.
Natural Therapies, The Answer to Health.
Gain a general understanding of the benefits of Natural Therapies and what they to have to offer. Learn why hundreds to thousands of people are becoming disillusioned by modern medical practices and taking their health into their own hands and experiencing fantastic results.
Intuition, The Only Voice of Reason
Each of us has an inner voice which demands attention. The purpose for this voice and why you should listen to it will be explored. What you discover will really amaze and empower your life here on in.
Meditate and Escape.
Meditation is one of the core practices of religions around the world and has been around for thousands of years. Find out why these practices are a powerful tool for unlocking hidden potential. Discover the importance of meditation and how it effectively releases the mind from stress, allowing you to escape into a peaceful state of consciousness.
Healthy Money, Wealthy Minds.
Financial freedom is easily obstructed if your mind is full of unhealthy thoughts. Discover how a healthy wallet comes from having a mind full of wealthy thoughts. Learn how to discover unconscious thought patterns which are sabotaging your ability to be successful. Think big, without doubt, and the way will be created.
Reprogram Your life
From the time we are born we are subjected to stimuli which programs the unconscious mind. The conscious mind takes over and interprets those programs into human behavior. Learn how negative conditioning is destroying aspects of your life and learn how to de programme those patterns and responses. Discover how past life theories may well hold the key to curing some of the most debilitating behaviors that modern psychology has been ineffective for.
Anti depressants Are Killing You!
Discover the epidemic use of anti depressants in society and how it suppresses natural human responses and behavior. Find out why this path is a dangerous road to tread and how your greater health will be affected in the future. Discover a new way to deal with overwhelming life issues and experience safer methods that do not act as a band aid.
Post Traumatic Shock, The Parenting Reality.
An amusing look at parenting and the conspiracy of silence that covers the whole experience of having children. Laugh about the horror that befalls all parents and the constant struggle which comes with the job.
Unlock Your Hidden Potential
Liberate your life by understanding how your thoughts and emotional states suppress your destiny. Discover creative talents you thought you never had and learn ways to unlock your hidden potential by using the power of the mind.
Life and Times of a Psychic
Share the bizarre and thought provoking experiences that Celia considers normal in her every day life and as a therapist. This is an entertaining and fascinating talk which will leave you with more questions than answers.

Personal stress management coaching and counselling sessions could be made available after the seminar as an effective way of reaching individuals whilst they feel empowered to help themselves.